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About me…

Since 1979, I have had the privilege to share my life with Arabian horses. I have also been blessed with  countless opportunities  to meet and become good friends with many of the most highly acclaimed Arabian horse breeders in the world.  What I have learned from these leaders, and have witnessed first-hand when touring their breeding farms, is quite simple;  In order to achieve success and longevity as a respected breeder, one must not be a party to trends or fads but focus on and follow the “ideal” you wish to achieve;  Stay true to your beliefs, and, above all,  do your homework.  One piece of advice that continues to resonate as I do my research in selecting the right stallions for our mares is this, “Breed for the best horse possible, and everything else will follow.”  This wisdom comes from my dear friend, mentor and highly respected Arabian horse breeder, Lucy Whittier.

I am extremely humbled by my achievements as a breeder and overjoyed by the successes and accomplishments my mares have realized in their offspring.  I feel truly blessed to be able to share this passion with my husband, Harry, our family, my sister, our friends and the beautiful mares that have allowed me to enter their lives.  Whether cleaning their stalls and paddocks, filling their water buckets, tossing a flake of hay into their mangers or just lovin’ on them… I know there is no better life for me than being down at the barn and with my girls… and the occasional boy.


Lisa Markley’s passion for the Arabian horse is contagious. Her knowledge of pedigrees and breeding is vast and deep.  As a breeder myself, I have witnessed firsthand how thoroughly she makes breeding decisions, and the high degree of quality in her foals is sure fire proof of her acumen as a breeder.  As an advisor to the Aria program and caretaker of several of our prized horses, we can always count on Lisa to be professional, accountable, and very personally invested in the services she provides on our behalf. Her unparalelled level of integrity and genuine concern makes her a true credit to the breed, and we look forward to an exciting future with Lisa for many years to come. – Jeff Sloan of Aria International