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April 25th, 2015

Psyche Pseductres

Congratulations to Mr. Mohammed Al Sultait on your purchase of “Psyche Pseductres”, we wish you the very best with this wonderful daughter of Padrons Psyche! A special thank you to ... more ››
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Lisa Markley’s passion for the Arabian horse is contagious. Her knowledge of pedigrees and breeding is vast and deep.  As a breeder myself, I have witnessed firsthand how thoroughly she makes breeding decisions, and the high degree of quality in her foals is sure fire proof of her acumen as a breeder.  As an advisor to the Aria program and caretaker of several of our prized horses, we can always count on Lisa to be professional, accountable, and very personally invested in the services she provides on our behalf. Her unparalelled level of integrity and genuine concern makes her a true credit to the breed, and we look forward to an exciting future with Lisa for many years to come. – Jeff Sloan of Aria International