Throughout the years we have made some great friends and had many incredible experiences. Below are just a few comments from clients and friends.

I have known Lisa for over 30 years, she is always professional, dedicated and passionate, treating the horses in her care with great kindness, consideration and true love…  A horsewoman of the highest caliber. – Margaret Friesz,  Jem Mar Farm

I’ve know Lisa since she was 22 years old, and as the other half of Arabian Expressions.  First and foremost, she is the consummate horseman:  a young woman determined to be the best that she can be.  She is passionately dedicated, talented, smart, honest, loyal, and making a great transition to becoming an outstanding breeder.  I love having her for my friend. – Lucy Whittier, Arabian horse breeder, 37 years

Lisa Markley’s passion for the Arabian horse is contagious. Her knowledge of pedigrees and breeding is vast and deep.  As a breeder myself, I have witnessed firsthand how thoroughly she makes breeding decisions, and the high degree of quality in her foals is sure fire proof of her acumen as a breeder.  As an advisor to the Aria program and caretaker of several of our prized horses, we can always count on Lisa to be professional, accountable, and very personally invested in the services she provides on our behalf. Her unparalelled level of integrity and genuine concern makes her a true credit to the breed, and we look forward to an exciting future with Lisa for many years to come. – Jeff Sloan of Aria International

We have known Lisa for over 20 years.  During those years, we have observed her love and knowledge of the Arabian horse.  She has become an expert breeder with an outstanding ability to understand how various bloodlines can work together to create truly outstanding show quality foals.  She is a “hands on” owner and breeder of young show horses and has always acted with complete integrity when dealing with clients and vendors. – Bob & Dixie North, North Arabians

An extraordinary woman of integrity, Lisa’s abilities as a breeder and horsewoman are as real as they are exceptional.  She motivates people to be better, do better and breed better horses. – McKay Stirland